Diablo 2

Blizzard is the publisher of Diablo 2, an award-winning action role-playing game that draws its users with an overwhelming variety of tool under its spell. “Rare Items”, “Set Items” and “Unique Items” will be supplemented with “Runes” and “Charm” and make D2RPG.com using Diablo 2 to an unbeatable classic.
With Blizzard Diablo 2 features an action role-playing classic, which has won several awards. A significant contribution to this success provides the free online game platform “battle.net” Diablo 2 which for years the most successful role-playing genre pushed his at all. No other game there is a even remotely comparable almost unreal seeming number of weapons and items, because the number of existing differences in Diablo 2 Items go into the tens of thousands, and not enough to exist because in addition to the “normal” subjects as “Rare Items”, the” unique items “and” Set Items”. But this was not enough, the rounded tool with a variety in number barely manageable “Runes” and “Charm” is. Although the absolute Hack ‘n’ Slay simple game play is not exciting, it creates Diablo 2’s player with the dark atmosphere captivate and draw in its spell. The first class balanced character classes and top-notch long-term care are just a few of the many strengths of the game. Due to the fact that Blizzard still regularly for the delivery of new Diablo 2 – and provides patches on the specially designed servers at regular intervals Seasons launches new ladder competitions for players, Diablo 2 seems to be immortal. It is therefore natural to ask: Diablo 3 will have the power to beat this success?

Background story
The eponym of the game Diablo, also known as a dark lord of terror, has returned. But to complicate the situation, he was not alone, but has in the wake of his brothers. In the first part of the game Diablo was able to take possession of a young prince, but he did not have much of this achievement, for he was defeated by a hero. But Diablo has a certain amount of deceit, which succeeded him in turn to grab power over the body of the triumphant hero. Concentrate on all your abilities and your skills now, because only you can prevent destructive as his two brothers Diablo Mephistopheles, also known as the Lord of Hatred, and Baal, the lord of destruction, come to life. The game history is divided into 4 main files with a 5th as an extension. This Act will consist of 6 quests that are on higher levels really tricky and challenging. You have roughly the way the game is not only in the initial difficulty of trying to “normal”, but you also try the version in “nightmare” and “hell”. In the “hell” you just do not expect strong as hell game opponents. The strength of the opponent will often have topped it, by appearing to be completely immune to certain types of attacks.

Game atmosphere
During the game you will embark on a journey through landscapes that are not contradictory: woodlands and trees are replaced by dark jungle and desert regions to suddenly get into the underground labyrinths of caves or ice cover in northern climes. The reason for your adventure game offers 5 different classes: Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin and Necromancer. In an extension of “Lord of Destruction,” added another two classes, namely Druid and Assassin. You’ll be spoiled for choice: pick the class with which you can identify the best and start the fight against many opponents monsters. Numerous different types of immortals, demons and other scary creatures and situations you expect. Search for hidden treasures, lots of weapons, armor and mysterious objects and climb out with experience up to level 99. You have to fight not only through the worlds. Use the lower haste of a companion. This can even equip you with weapons in the expansion. You want to fight alone? No problem, choose the multiplayer mode and already you can get together with friends plunge into the adventure. The platform battle.net you opened next to the old LAN session the possibility of fighting with up to 8 players against monsters. At level 9 you can watch it even against each other’s heads, and even then you can choose whether you are all getting matched against all or in teams against each other fighting.

The different Characters
Who is a fan of bow and arrow, has guaranteed the Amazon with a lot of fun. Their strength lies undoubtedly in the safe handling of spears, no matter whether it is to hail of arrows into crowds or mysterious is charged projectiles such as forest arrows.
Rough work is done here by the Barbarian, in which he inflicts terrible barbarians with helmets on their heads, and leads to the same time, two ambidexter and shrill sounds of war and blood vortex ring seas.
The Paladin has sainthood. He is responsible to provide for out of the blue flashing auras and thus take care of the spawn of evil. His help in this process are special scepter and Paladin Shields.
Magic is the working element of the sorceress who uses the tools of frost, lightning and fire as a tool. It also has the ability to teleport and to use the effect of magic wands.
For the revival of golems, skeletons or fallen enemies in battle, the necromancer is responsible. He contented himself with like preparation of poison, bone walls can appear from nowhere and abused the shrunken heads as shields.
Druids have the ability to transform themselves into wolves or bears in the shape of wild animals and summon creatures to know and deal with natural magic. They disguise themselves well pleased with chic druid hats.
The Assassins mimics the exotic figure. They dominated martial arts from the Far East, and uses this shock combos, sneaky traps and the ability to use mental abilities. Their sharpest weapons are claws.


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