Custom Order D2 Items – East Ladder


To place an custom order please contact us via livechat or email. Ordering without an agreement is NOT possible.

Game Mode: Legacy (Classic D2 LoD)                                  

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Please note that this offer is only for those that had already discussed the custom order prior via livechat or email.
Ordering without our agreement will lead in a refund.

Example how to order:

Agreement of 10 USD for 1 x Shako, 1 x Mal Rune and 1 x Ber Rune.
Using Quantity “10” to get an equal of 10 USD.

Also please place your order comment:

Realm: USEast Softcore-Ladder

1 x Shako
1 x Mal Rune
1 x Ber Rune


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