Frequently Asked Questions

Every item that we offer had either been bought from our supplier, traded or found by ourself. Therefore we can assure you that our items are legal and won’t disappear.

No, using another realm's item on your realm in not possible. This is why, you must choose the correct realm or mode before placing the order. For example: Items brought in the East Ladder cannot be used on the West Ladder realm. Also items bought on non-ladder cannot be used on ladder or vice versa.

Contact us to know more about getting items at discounted prices.

Currently, we do not buy or trade items.

  • To place an order, you first might register or login into your D2RPG Account.
  • Choose the realm of your choice.
  • Select the category and type of item you are searching for from the left panel.
  • Click the item you wish to buy. Once you are on the item page, click the Buy button to add the item to your cart.
  • Once you have added all the items to the cart, click the button on the top right corner to view your cart.
  • Checkout and choose your preferred payment method to complete the process.