Paladin Builds

Diablo 2 Paladin Builds

Paladin Builds

In Diablo 2, The Paladin is a powerful character class to fight against monsters and end bosses such as Diablo and Baal.

Some builds such as the Hammerdin are very powerful within Player versus Player fights.

Paladins are also very popular to be used within partys. Their strong auras can be used to enchant their allies.

Common Diablo 2 Paladin Builds:


This build uses mostly Offensive Auras to damage its opponents. Stacking his auras is the way with that full effect of damage can be caused. Usually an Auradin is not fighting on the frontline but pulls his attackers by teleporting or running away.

For this a strong equipment is required to withstand damages. Several kind of Auradin builds are being used for different purposes. Such as the Tesladin, Holy Fire Auradin (also called the Dragon Paladin) and the Omnidin.


The Avenger is a build which mainly is focused on a wide range of elemental damage. So it can overcome monsters with immunities without another elemental attack is needed.

It’s skills are based on Conviction and Vengeance but as same as other builds other skill abilities are important for a powerful Paladin.


This Paladin build is focused onto the Charge skill. A Charger defeats single strong monsters easily with its primary charge attack but lacks against mass amount of monsters. But the player can bounce from one to another enemy if these are spread within the area.

A special attribute of the charger is also that it does not require to use a shield since attacks should be done from far range. Instead using a two handed weapon is recommended to cause extra damage.

Clerk (Cleric):

A Cleric is a special and rare build that focuses on Healing skills to keep its team players alive. A Cleric is a pure defensive character that does not combat in melee.

But he is an important part of a party where the defense is lacking. He uses skills like Holy Bolt, Prayer, Cleansing and Mediation.

FoHer (Fist of the Heavens):

A FoHer (also called a Fistadin) is made to max out the Fist of the Heavens ability. It is one of the most effective ones within PvP. When boosting his skill damage in combination with Conviction aura there is a point where unprotected opponents can be defeated within only one single hit.


The Hammerdin is the most famous Paladin build within Diablo 2. It is favored due to the massive amounts of damage that the Blessed Hammer can deal within both Player versus Monsters (PvM) and Player versus Player (PvP) Duels. Its Damage can even be stacked up with couple of synergies of Vigar, Blessed Aim and Concentration Aura. More than 15k Damage does this build can reach.

However to equip the Hdin properly, you need to be quiet wealthy or lucky within D2 to be able to get the right items. One of the most important ones is the Enigma that grants you the ability to teleport like a Sorc.

But due to its strong power many saw this build being overpowered and therefore within Patch 1.13 it has been decided that the Blessed Hammer should be removed by its ability to bypass the Demon and Undead immunity.


A Mage is a FoHer and Hammerdin Hybrid that is able to cause massive amounts of damage by using the Blessed Hammer and Fist of the Heavens skills. Besides of these it also uses the Vigor, Holy Shock and Conviction auras. The Mage usually uses just a single point into the Holy Shield to get a higher chance to block without wasting too many attributes in Dexterity.

Pindlesdin: Pindleskin farmer

The Pindlesdin Paladin is great and cost effective to kill Pindleskin. Its main skill is the Holy Bolt that only damages undead monsters. Therefore the Pindlesdin is exclusively being build to Farm at Pindleskin.

But since the latest patches it is not recommended to Farm there over and over again, due to maximum game creations per hour / day. Since killing Pindleskin only takes a few seconds, you basicly could repeat this pretty many times but it will lead you into a restriction.


The Ranger is mostly using crossbows or Bows. It uses the Fanaticism, Conviction, Holy Shock or Holy Freeze Auras to inrease damages. The most famous weapon for this build is the unique Buriza-Do Kyanon crossbow with its ability to slow down enemies.

To play the Ranger is pretty fun but also hard to play at the same time due to its lack of a special attack on the left clic. Also Paladins in general don’t got any skills that increase ranged weapon damages besides of its auras.


The Smiter is a build of a Paladin that primary focuses on the Smite skill. Smite is an attack that stuns and hits a monster once it is in range. It is actually one of the less strong skills but on higher levels and with the right equipment it can be that strong to almost kill everything with a single hit.


A Zealot, also called as a Zealer or Zealadin uses as obvious the Zeal as its main skill. Normally it is used in combination of the Fanaticism aura which is highly increasing damage and attack speeds. The Zealot is optimal for Player vs Monster but bad at Player vs Player duels.

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